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In The Loop with Diane Cooperson

Interviews in hula hoops!

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Our Guests



Max Darling is a powerhouse personality with an amazing look and impressive moves. He is a boylesque/drag/performance artist that captivates audiences of all walks. He performs with The Strip Teasers, Buffalo’s finest Burlesque Troupe and many other amazing venues. He has been featured in Loop Magazine and Pain. Watch now to know more about Max Darling!


Rachel Hightops


Rachel Hightops is a leader in the Buffaflow community. She works with hoops, fans, poi, and other flow toys in performances with Pyromancy, Spun Out Fire Productions and other performances. Watch now as we learn more about her process!

John Farallo


 John Farallo is an artist who has been showing and cultivating his work for many years. His medium ranges from acrylic painting to graphic design mixing media for his final pieces. His themes go from political satire to beautiful women, often packed with many images, characters, symbols and ideas. He leaves plenty for the viewer to interpret and tickles the imagination. 

Pam Swartz


Pam is a goddess musician. She has mastered 8 instruments and used every Casio and Fisherprice musical toy out there. She creates an electronic type of music merging traditional instruments with special effects pedals. She layers and loops the beats and rhythms displaying her impeccable timing. Her collaborations are fun and light, making the people dance and move. She can do with one hand, what it takes a five piece band to do. Pamazon is amazing!

Colleen Collins


Colleen is a volunteer at Camp Good Days and Special Times. She has been there for 17 Years helping people with cancer and their loved ones regain some excitement in their lives. They have weekly camps all summer for people of all ages but originally focusing on children.
The camp is open to anyone who has or has had cancer and to children who's parents are fighting the battle with cancer and services having helped thousands of people since it began. Colleen has been a staple of the hoop community and is always there smiling, ready to share her skills while open to learning more. She has even made hoops to use at the camp.

Rebecca Staddler


Rebecca Stadler is an intellectual property lawyer with DelVeccico and Stadler at the Center for Innovation in the Medical Corridor. She has extensive experience in biomedical and chemical patents focusing on nanotechnologies. She helps clients with all aspects of IP including patents, copyright, trademarks, as well as licensing and litigation. She is a leader in our community, hosting events so people can learn more and protect themselves. dvands.com

Euince Randall 


Eunice Randall is the host of Buffalo Lab Radio Free, a podcast dedicated to maker and diy culture. The podcast showcases people who are creating products and advancing technology, the spaces they work in and the people who make it all happen. The culture of open source and sharing ideas and technology is a growing place where people are able to learn from others instead of competing. BLRF.com

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Melissa Campbell is the owner and founder of Ultra Hoops & Wellness. Her mission is to increase the positivity in the world, create connections and open the people to a better world. 

Blue Lazer



Blue Lazer is a nigh ageless sentient beam of light. He is at least twice as smart as five-hundred otters put together and rarely needs to pee on long road trips. His bed is really, really big and if you ask him about it he will show you.

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