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How to pick out the right hoop

Picking the right hoop:

A beginner hoop should be large and heavy. Get a hoop that is to your belly button or higher to start. The bigger the waist, the bigger the hoop should be. Flimsy, cheap hoops are made for kids for toys, not for adults or those who want to hoop around the waist for fitness or fun.

What will you use the hoop for?

Fitness, weight loss, dance, fun

What is your skill level?

            Adult beginner, adult, child beginner, child, dancer, professional

What are your body specs?

          Tall, short, heavy, light, strong, weak, younger, older, average

What is your skill level?

          2 left feet, total beginner, never could do it, sporty, getting back into fitness, dancer, athlete

1. Trainer Hoops (largest heaviest): for weight training, learning, toning, trimming waist on taller, larger, non athletic, non rhythmic, adult beginners primarily hooping around the waist

2. Trimmer Hoops (adult size): for aerobics, toning, cardio, weight loss, trimming on average adults for hooping on and off the body; taller, larger kids for losing weight, building muscle and getting in shape

3. Shaker Hoops (kid and dancer size) for dancing, off the body tricks, cardio, aerobics for smaller adults, dancers and pros; building endurance and style for children

Types of Tubing:

Trainer: 42” Diameter, Black 1” 160 psi tubes

Great for adult beginners to get started, lose inches, tone muscles, get in shape primarily hooping around the waist and using as barbells for weight lifting.


Trimmer: 36” Diameter, Black ¾” 100 psi tubing

Great for adults, big kids to get in shape, cardio, aerobic, tone muscles, gain endurance for hooping around the waist, some off the body and dance flow.


Shaker: 28” Diameter, Black ½” 100 psi tubing

Great for athletic adults and children for gaining endurance, rhythm, balance, dance, flow for on and off the body tricks.


Poly Pro: 28” or less Diameter, Clear polypropylene 5/8” or ¾” 100 psi tubing for performance, dance, and flow arts


Types of Tape:


Vinyl: similar to electric this high quality tape adds spice to every hoop


Grip: gaffer’s tape is a fabric base used in theater to cover cords on the floor and helps the hoop to grip to the body and add accent other tape


Reflective: metal based tape to reflect lights and make the hoop sparkle


Clear: plastic tape to cover other tapes



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