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How to Hoop: Hula hooping around the waist

How to hoop around the waist:

Posture: Stand naturally, head is held high, chest is lifted, core is activated, arms are up.

How to hoop around the waist:

1. Standing with the left leg out in front, like taking a step forward

2. Hold the hoop around the waist, above the hips and below the rib cage

3. Hold the hoop against your back, with it sticking out like a big belly

4. Keep the hoop parallel with the ground, don’t push it upwards or downwards, keep it even and in the same line

5. Move the hips linearly, back and forth, front to back, rocking on the outward leg but thrusting from the waist, pointing your belly button to the moon.

6. Take the hoop with your right hand and bring it to your stomach, meeting it with your stomach. For lefties, stand with the right leg out and bring the hoop to you with the left hand

7. Continue moving back and forth in a repetitive motion


Things to remember:

You are in control of the hoop

You are meeting the hoop in 2 places on the body

You must start moving as soon as you bring the hoop to you

You must continue to move to keep the hoop up

The movement from the hips is very small, moving minimally, but flexing your core muscles

Try moving side to side if front to back does not work 


Do not follow the hoop, stay in time with it

Do not twist your body to the side, stay facing forward

Do not bend over, or backwards, stand up straight and natural

Do not open legs to keep it up, keep feet planted in place

Do not move the hips in a circle, stay linear

Do not give up! It could take many tries before you get it


Trouble shooting:

Listen to music with a steady beat

Counting 1,2,1,2,1,2 or counting up to 8

Try grunting or panting in time with the music

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