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Corporate Wellness

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Give your employees the skills and ability to work to their potential. What we offer gives them simple and easy ways to be more present at work. Health and wellness plans are important because they prevent employees from getting sick or injured. Our program goes deeper than just what to eat and how to stay physically fit. It gets to the root of the problem. Stress, worry, anxiety. Stress itself can be a motivating, inspiring factor but not knowing how to deal with stress, it ends up manifesting itself in an unhealthy ways like emotional imbalance, mental illness and disease. Its causes people to make mistakes, get sick and get injured at work. Offering our services first hand, in house, greatly outweighs setting people out into the world to figure it out themselves.

When you train an employee, you tell them what they need to do to complete their job. You give them step by step by step instruction, give the tool belt with tools they need, show them how to use the tools and how it fits into the system your company has created. Most people have never been told how to deal with stress, given the steps or the tools they need to deal with the harsh things life throws at them.


75% of employers report that stress is a huge health concern. People report that work is the #1 stressor in their life. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans and stress is the #1 cause of heart disease. Stress has a major role in all top 10 diseases and Ultra Wellness is here to alleviate it.

Statistics prove that an unhealthy employee can cost a company as much as $5000 per year. Multiply this by a minimum of 10% of your workforce. This number not only comes from paying for health insurance costs and worker’s comp, but also from lower production because of sick days, not being present while they are there and the impact it causes on the other employees. A sick, tired, stressed out employee can cost a lot!

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