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Classes in Buffalo


Private and group classes are available! Look in our Ultra Share tab for details! 


Here is a description of the classes:


Hooping Basics  

Learn how to hoop around the waist and off the body. This is a great workout for beginners to the hoop and those who are out of shape. This workout is simple with big results!


Ultra Fit Hula Hoop   

This is class uses the hoop in many ways to get an amazing workout. The hoop is transformed into a dumbbell and bar for a total body transformation. Its uses low impact moves with high intensity interval training (HIIT.)The flow of sequences in FXP Hula Hoop Fitness ignites your metabolism, tones, sculpts, and stretches the body to achieve great physical success. It integrates core centric moves from Pilates and barre workouts. This workout burns up to 800 calories per hour!


Daoist Yoga    

Dao Yin Lun Shen is an ancient yoga practice that is focused on cultivating energy, increasing the flow of energy and clearing any blockages that cause stagnation. These techniques have been practiced for centuries in China and integrate Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa styles of yoga as well as Qigong principles. This form can benefit the disabled, elderly and those who are out of shape as well as the physically fit.



The hoop is turned into a zone of sacred space for connecting the breath to movement while building agility, endurance, balance, strength and increasing longevity.

This is a flow-inspired practice that fuses Vinyasa yoga and a Hula Hoop® to transform the body and mind. The Hula Hoop® offers support for deeper connections with balance, postures, and flow. It grounds the body into the floor/earth, which improves balance and posture. Hoopyasa™ calms the mind and reduces stress by focusing on deep, rhythmic breathing. It's a great transition into the world of yoga and stretching in a doable, accessible format. By rhythmically flowing through stretches and holding poses linked to breath work, you gain core strength and physical awareness along with sculpting muscles into a lean, long physique.


This is a practice of cultivating your energy by focusing on the breath and listening to the internal body. It helps to remove baggage caused from depression, stress and worry and lets the positive emotions,  energy and strength move through the body. It removes disease and illness for a healthier state of being.


Brain Escape   

A meditation to detoxify and purify the body using visualizations and self-massage. We focus on the inner organs to balance the body systems. We open our energy wells to produce a healing boost of energy. We also do a self-guided facial massage that is beneficial for relaxation and relief.


Energy Blast

A series of movements that increase mobility in the joints and muscles. It incorporates ancient kung fu animal forms that build confidence and energizes the body.

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