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Meet Melissa Campbell, the founder and owner of Ultra Hoops

Melissa Campbell is a culture cultivator and localist. She is always out in the community bringing people together.

Melissa graduated from the University at Buffalo with dual bachelor's degree in Fine Art and Psychology. She has been creating and selling her work since she was a child and has a diverse palette of talents. She owned Filigrees Gallery & Boutique on Elmwood Ave. for 6 years until its closing in late 2015. Filigrees featured hundreds of local artists and bands, as well as Melissa's own work and spirituality-related dharma products.

Melissa started hooping in 2010, quickly getting addictied to the flow of the hoop dance and the creative expression it provides. She learned how to make hoops with industrial materials, designed colorful patterns with a variety of tapes and started selling them in her gallery. She brought the hoops to share at parties and community events to learn what people want and need out of the hoop. She is developing workout program that changes the hoop from a kid's toy into an effective fitness tool. The popularity of Ultra Hoops has driven Campbell to focus primarily on the hoop business.

She has worked with The OMH Wellness Center, Autistic Services, People's Inc. and Friends of the Japanese Gardens. She has also volunteered with the Boys and Girls Club, Buffalo Infringement, Head Start and many fundraising efforts. Her long term goal is to create a foundation for art creation, public art exposure and art education in a health and wellness setting.


From Melissa:

Thanks for taking the time to get to know more about me. Please feel free to call, text or email me so we can start your transformation today!


My methodology for true wellness:


  • Fun
  • Easy
  • Comfortable
  • Highly effective


My technique is similar to that zoomy sound that parents make when they feed children vegetables, gaining all the benefits in an enjoyable, entertaining approach.

My Wellness Toolbelt:

  • Reduce stress
  • Balance the emotions
  • Clear the mind
  • Genuinely smile
  • Gain body awareness
  • Build life energy
  • Clear blockages
  • Shape the body
  • Stimulate digestion

I focus on all of the areas of wellness by addressing the physical benefits as well as the mental, emotional and energetic parts of a healthy person.


Personal Qualities:

  • Lifelong passion for helping others
  • Ability to understand different personalities and learning styles
  • Efficient, clear and concise communication skills
  • Easily relates to others
  • Comfortable open attitude
  • Solution oriented with step by step goal setting 


  • 12 years as Daoist Yoga Instructor
  • 12 years as QiGong Guide
  • FXP Hula Hoop Certified Teacher
  • Group Fitness Instructor certified by American Counsel of Exercise
  • Dale Carnegie  Course and Leadership Certifications
  • Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Certification
  • Entrepreneurship in the Arts Certification
  • Dual degree in Psychology and Fine Art from the University at Buffalo

I owned and operated a gallery and venue for 8 years, hosting concerts, plays, art exhibitions and special events featuring thousands of local and traveling artists.

Community Service:

Hoopathon of Buffalo- founder of hooping fundraiser for charity

Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival – entertainment director

Wellness Center at Butler Clinic – Yoga and Qigong teacher

Buffalo Infringement Festival – Public relations director and organizer





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Terrapin Station

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